I’ll be honest its not for everyone. But you will never know if you will enjoy it unless you give it a go.

I was out in the garden one day during early Spring and my mum was preparing to re-pot some seeds from the greenhouse to the outside. And I just looked and thought you know what I’ll give it a go and see what its like. So it first started with some tomato seeds already in the garden and sowing them. I didn’t really bother with it to be honest and let it grow itself. My mum was looking after it.

Then 2 weeks later. Wow they had grown very quickly very fast! I wasn’t sure if it was because of the fertilizer or just the rate of speed tomatoes grow. But anyway, I was impressed and felt a huge sense of accomplishment even though, I didn’t really look after them all that much.

Next saw me buying seed trays, ordering seeds online, and buying pots and lots of soil. At this point, I was getting really into it so I was spending time looking at all the sort of plants I wanted to grow. But I had a problem, I had no idea what I was doing. I invested in all this stuff so I didn’t want it going to waste. So after a couple YouTube videos and Wiki-how pages, I was finally ready!

I had lettuce, rocket, kale, baby leafs, mix green leaves etc. I started sowing my seeds about 2-3 in each part of the tray and pots. I kinda of did accidentally put like 8-12 in some of them. Because the seeds are so small and so its easy to slip from your hands and into the container. You’re probably thinking why I didn’t just take out. I’m lazy! It was my first time so I thought – leave it. So now my seeds were sown and watered. I kept and eye on them every day to see if there are any changes.

I think it was the third day that they’d actually started to germinate. I was pretty pleased with myself. Because I created that – is what I was thinking and it felt amazing. It seems minor but it was a big deal to me. After a week, it grew more and 2 weeks – even more. It got to the point that it was growing so much that it needed more care. It needed re-potting into bigger pots and some new soil. I could see the difference. If I had not, it would have rotted away because I could see the green becoming discolored. I did just that and left it outside and it blossomed.

At the beginning, I wouldn’t give gardening the time of day. Now it has changed my whole perception of it. I thoroughly enjoyed it and it boosted my mood especially because I used to do it very early in the morning so it was a very positive start to the day. Because it was very physical as well, it felt like exercise but very enjoyable. My dopamine levels were up and I can feel myself gaining so much satisfaction from it.

This was my journey to gardening. I think because it was all new and I had to a little research and was learning throughout made the experience more pleasurable. When we pursue something new, our brain knows this so we get excited and a burst of dopamine (similar to when I was learning Spanish) – I feel.

If you have free time or want to explore a new hobby – maybe this it.