Sleep! We spend a third of our lives sleeping yet, many of us fail to hit the recommended 7/8 hours. Whether its because you’re bingeing on your favourite TV series or browsing social media, we all need good quality sleep. Fortunately here are 3 tips that I have used to help me on my sleep journey.

1. Avoid eating heavy meals before bed (also no Caffiene)
No high calorie meals before sleep! It will only give unnecessary energy that will later be stored as fat. Your body needs time to digest food. Its better to time your meals so that you are sleeping 3-4 hours after your final meal. Eat a light snack if you’re feeling hungry at night.

2. Limit screen use an hour before bed (TV, laptop, smartphone, tablet)
Why? It disrupts your sleep wake cycle and stops melatonin production (a hormone that is produced when it is dark to help you sleep). These devices give off blue light which makes your brain think it is daytime . In some devices, you can reduce blue light by selecting the ‘blue light filter/night light’ option. Or just turn off these devices before bed.

3. Sleep/wake consistency
How do we achieve consistency? Firstly, around 14-16 hours after we wake up is when we start to feel sleepy. For example, if I wake up at 7 AM, I will fall sleepy between 9 PM-11 PM that evening. If you sleep in that time frame, you will fall asleep quickly because your body is tired. If you do this consistently you will naturally wake up at that time.

4. Relax, relax, relax…
Your mind and body needs to unwind. Maybe taking some time to meditate, read a book or listening to your favourite songs is a good idea to prepare your body for sleep. Your brain needs passive stimulation during this time of the night. That means engaging in activities that is not too demanding. but enjoyable .

These tips have seriously helped me and I hope they will help you too.