I work at a health care facility at night. It was just me and my colleague, ‘Mary’ (not her real name). It was just a normal shift like others we’ve done many times in the past. It was only towards the end that something weird had happened.

I’d already left for home. She called me asking if I had seen her fob key to clock out. I said no! Why would I have it, I thought? Frustrated for being called for no reason, I checked my pockets to prove that I don’t have it. So, I check and it’s there.

I’m absolutely baffled! How did it get in my pocket? Her fob key was in her bag and fully zipped the whole night. When I fobbed out, there was only my own fob key and vaseline, all my other pockets were empty. At some point, her key was transported into my pocket.

Everyone at work were creeped out by it. We haven’t spoken about it since. I have not told anyone else. To this day, I am checking my pockets before leaving work.